Caribbean Forum for Liberation and Acceptance of Genders and Sexualities (CariFLAGS) is a regional nonprofit based in Trinidad and Tobago made up of leading LGBTI NGOs across the Caribbean. CariFLAGS staff and leadership are based across the region – in St. Lucia, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, the Dominican Republic, Belize, Grenada, Guyana and Suriname.


J-FLAG operates under four broad objectives to ensure that an individual’s sexual orientation and/or gender identity are not used to discriminate against them. We work to increase public tolerance and understanding among the general population, create a foundation for legal reform and increase the reach and sustainability of J-FLAG into the future. To achieve the […]

Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD)

Our primary beneficiaries include LGBT Guyanese persons, and others who do not identify as heterosexual or cis-gender. SASOD focuses its work on combating homophobia, advancing human rights, and promoting health. SASOD also plays leading roles within regional and cross-regional human rights coalitions and networks advancing LGBT rights in the Caribbean, Latin America and across the […]

Asociación ALFIL – Identidades en diálogo

Programs: Integrated Health Services: ALFIL is providing preventative and comprehensive medical, psychological services to improve the sexual, bodily and mental health particularly of the trans, intersex, and men who have sex with men communities in Quito, Ecuador. In terms of prevention, ALFIL is working with trans persons across seven provinces of the country to reduce […]

Akahatá – Equipo de Trabajo en Sexualidades y Géneros

Programs: Regional and International Advocacy: Akahatá is working to advance human rights at international bodies such as the United Nations and Organization of American States (OAS) since we believe that our contribution within these spaces and the achievements made have the power to improve the laws and policies, and in turn the daily lives of […]

REDLACTRANS – Latin America and the Caribbean Network of Trans Persons

REDLACTRANS leads the effort to truly know the extent of anti-transgender discrimination and violence across Central America. Their new report, exposes these human rights violations, and demands that Central American governments enact laws to “recognize and guarantee the right of trans people to freely exercise their gender identity.” Being able to live their gender identity is the […]

Friends of Prague Pride

We are ambitious: By 2020, Prague Pride aims to be Czech Republic’s leading LGBT Centre of Influence for its excellence in advocacy, services for the LGBT community and professionals working in the area, employers and workplace environments, and the voice of LGBT people and their families. Our work will make a real difference to LGBT […]

Friends of Zagreb Pride

When initiated, the Zagreb Pride March was conceived as a protest march against homophobia, transphobia and patriarchy, while at the same time it has been a tool for supporting the LGBTI community. Since the first March in 2002, Zagreb Pride has advocated for progressive social policies, principles and values upon which our society can function. […]

Thai Transgender Alliance

Thai Transgender Alliance (Thai TGA) is a dynamic national collaboration with big accomplishments in 2015 and bigger goals for 2016. In the past year they have published guidelines for transgender women entering mandatory conscription in the Thai military and a guidebook to help parents accept and nurture transgender children. This year, with your help, they will […]

Arus Pelangi

The vision of the founding fathers of the Republic of Indonesia has always been a pluralist, multi-cultural society where even sexual minorities should have their rightful place. Vision and Mission Arus Pelangi strives to affect the societal norms and perceptions towards the LGBTI communities in such a way as to create a higher level of […]

Heartland Alliance

Heartland Alliance’s Global Initiative for Sexuality and Human Rights (GISHR) stands behind activists who are improving the lives of LGBT persons — promoting their rights and protecting them from abuse — in some of the world’s most hostile environments. GISHR supports the initiatives of local activists to do this in a number of ways, from assisting […]

Fund for Global Human Rights

Securing the most basic freedoms for people worldwide requires front-line organizations challenging abuse wherever it occurs. The Fund for Global Human Rights finds the best human rights activists in countries around the world and gives them vital resources to do their work. The Fund has made grants to groups working on the human rights of […]

ORAM – Organization for Refuge, Asylum & Migration

Today’s global refugee crisis is one of the most pressing issues of our time. Millions fleeing persecution or armed conflict are seeking safety in refugee facilities as transit points or long-term homes. An untold number of these refugees are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex (LGBTI) persons for whom true safety must include a level […]

Advocates for Human Rights

The Advocates for Human Rights (The Advocates) is a volunteer-based non-governmental organization committed to the impartial promotion and protection of international human rights standards and the rule of law. As part of its mission, The Advocates conducts a range of programs to promote the human rights of LGBTI persons around the world. In developing countries, […]

OutRight Action International

OutRight staff work alongside LGBTIQ activists to help identify solutions and guide policymakers toward lasting change. We respond to emergencies. When someone is arrested, attacked, expelled or fired because of their actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity or expression we work with local activists and progressive institutions to quickly implement remedial action. We […]

American Jewish World Service

AJWS is the fourth largest U.S.-based funder of global LGBTI rights worldwide. Since 2005, AJWS has invested nearly $9.5 million in global LGBTI rights. In 2013 alone, AJWS provided nearly $3 million to support the critical work of 47 organizations promoting the rights of LGBTI people in 14 countries. With this support, AJWS’s grantees are […]

Astraea Foundation

The Astraea Lesbian Foundation For Justice is a multi-gendered, multi-racial, multi-identity organization that prioritizes and supports the leadership of women, transgender people, youth, and people of color. For the past 37 years, they have provided critical strategic resources to LGBTI social justice organizations around the world, granting $22.5 million in more than 3,500 grants to […]

Human Rights Watch

The Human Rights Watch lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights program has fought for over a decade to end human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity worldwide. Some seventy-six countries have laws that are used to criminalize people on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, and at least five […]

Human Rights First

LGBT rights are human rights, period. Human Rights First works to ensure that these rights are incorporated into the United States’ foreign policy agenda and advanced on a global scale. HRF focuses on protecting LGBTI refugees, combating violent hate crimes against LGBTI people, and opposing discriminatory laws banning homosexuality. HRF’s recent projects have included Safe […]

Advocates for Youth

Advocates for Youth works across the U.S. and developing world to advance youth sexual health and rights to further a vision of a society in which all young people are valued, respected and treated with dignity; sexuality is accepted as a healthy part of being human; and youth sexual development is recognized as normal. For […]


Alternatives-Cameroun’s mission includes advocating nationally and internationally for the human rights of the LGBTI population. The association also provides direct support to individual community members in the form of healthcare for those with HIV, reintegration services for those leaving prison, temporary shelter for those rejected by their families and legal assistance. Their collaborative work brings together […]

UHAI EASHRI (East African Sexual Health and Rights Initiative)

UHAI (the Swahili word for well-being) EASHRI is Africa’s first indigenous, activist-led and activist-managed fund supporting LGBTI and sex worker activism in Tanzania, Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya. UHAI’s resource allocation decisions are informed by people within the movements, thereby ensuring that funds reach the most promising organizations doing the most critical work to advance the movement. These […]

Amnesty International

With more than 7 million supporters, activists and volunteers in more than 150 countries, and complete independence from government, corporate or ideological interests, we work to protect the rights of people worldwide and have established organizations in 68 countries. Amnesty International believes that all people, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, should be […]