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Thai Transgender Alliance (Thai TGA) is a dynamic national collaboration with big accomplishments in 2015 and bigger goals for 2016. In the past year they have published guidelines for transgender women entering mandatory conscription in the Thai military and a guidebook to help parents accept and nurture transgender children.

This year, with your help, they will work hard to

  • build a national support network for parents of transgender children, and

  • continue the struggle for legal recognition of Thai transgender people.

Thai TGA and Alturi need you to be part of this essential work to build a more just and inclusive society for Thai transgender people.

The network values the power of knowledge that can be realized through five years of positive awareness campaigns and publications in collaboration with groups of activists. Thai TGA not only supports transgender individual’s access to information and justice, the network also helps other organizations understand the issues that transgender people face in Thai society.

Recent projects and activities:

  • Publication of the guideline for parents whose child is a transgender person

  • Publication of guidelines for transgender women preparing for Thai military conscription

  • Production of “TG Military Recruit” video

  • Publication of the needs assessment on legal gender recognition in Thailand

  • Advocacy campaigns in collaboration with local partners such as The Parent and Transgender Children Forum, a stakeholder meeting to promote legal gender recognition in Thailand, and public “Trans 101” trainings.

  • Advocacy campaigns in collaboration with international partners such as IDAHOT and Transgender Day of Remembrance

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