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We are ambitious: By 2020, Prague Pride aims to be Czech Republic’s leading LGBT Centre of Influence for its excellence in advocacy, services for the LGBT community and professionals working in the area, employers and workplace environments, and the voice of LGBT people and their families. Our work will make a real difference to LGBT well-being across Czech society and economy.

Our services and Supports: In addition to the annual Pride festival, Prague Pride delivers a peer mentoring on-line service for LGBT in crisis; a business forum for LGBT equality in the workplace; a national information, guidance and advice service on LGBT issues and challenges; and an innovative, creative and entrepreneurial knowledge exchange and hub for LGBT groups and associations in the post-communist economies of Europe.

Marriage Equality: On 19th April 2017, Prague Pride together with other LGBT interest organization, is launching and spearheading the Czech republic’s Marriage Equality campaign, ‘It’s fair’

You can support the campaign by

  • Sharing your own story on the value of marriage

  • Posting your support on Facebook and Twitter using #MarriageEqualityCz

  • Reaching out to friends, family and colleagues in the Czech Republic to encourage their support for the campaign

  • Making a tax-deductible donation to the campaign – US Donors,

  • Non-US Donors

  • Our new website for more information on our campaign

Our progress so far: According to recent survey, 86% of the Czech LGBT people would like to have an opportunity to get married. In June 2016, a poll conducted for Prague Pride shows that 68% of the Czechs do not oppose marriage equality. However, there is not a single politician brave enough to speak-out in support of Marriage Equality. We need to change that!

Our plan of action: With the upcoming General Elections in October 2017, and next presidential elections in January 2018, we have a window of opportunity to make a difference and change the minds of the undecided.

Our campaign: ‘It’s fair” will strengthen public opinion and support. It will put pressure on politicians, policy formers and makers to fully legalise marriage equality in the Czech Republic. This will set a powerful example for other post-communist countries, helping to create a wave of change. The campaign will consist of videos, online media, billboards, statements of support by celebrities and LGBT role models as well as extensive media coverage. Our campaign bus which will tour the Czech Republic engaging communities in the debate. All of which will help to change the hearts and minds of the undecided and deliver a ‘Yes’ to marriage equality.

Support our Efforts

To donate by credit card click

To donate by cheque send to:

King Baudouin Foundation United States (KBFUS)
10 Rockefeller Plaza
16th Floor
New York, NY 10020
Specify Prague Pride on the memo line.

Donations by U.S. citizens are tax deductible.

For Donors Outside the United States

You can simply donate any amount of money via wire transfer to account number: 2000413429 / 2010,
IBAN: CZ65 2010 0000 0020 0041 3429,

Prague Pride Projects, Promotions, Supports & Services

The annual Prague Pride festival: Since 2011, the annual Prague Pride festival has been our main vehicle and public awareness tool. The festival has gained a reputation as one of the most original and creative Pride festivals in Europe, quickly becoming the largest LGBTI pride festival in the post-communist world. Featuring more than 130 events during the week, it attracted over 80,000 festival-goers in 2016!

Additionally, Prague Pride has been visited and supported by numerous notable international LGBT figures and institutions including: United States Congressman and LGBT rights campaigner David Ciciline, London Gay Men’s Chorus, former BP CEO and gay business leader Lord John Browne, former Iceland Prime Minister and first-openly gay head of state Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, Alturi co-founder and Director Charlie Rounds, former Dutch MP Boris Dittrich and gay-entertainment icon Conchita Wurst. For more information about the festival, visit

Prague Pride more than a Festival: We are a ‘more than profit’ agency which delivers services and acts as a Centre of Influence. Here are just some of the key services and supports we deliver:

Peer mentoring portal for LGBT in crisis: We are an agency dedicated to the mission of suicide prevention and crisis intervention, specifically for LGBT youth. We have established an online support service for those in crisis: a virtual place where they can chat with LGBT mentors who have had similar experiences and who can offer a vital and often life-saving line of support. Since February 2015 our crisis portal has helped in excess of  2000 clients, including few with suicidal thoughts. Learn more at

Pride Business Forum: it is the only platform in the Czech Republic that creates space for discussion of LGBT equality in the workplace across corporations and companies. The initiative provides managers and business professionals a unique opportunity to share experiences on issues of diversity in corporate environments. In addition to the annual Pride Business Forum conference, we organize smaller thematic workshops throughout the year. The next annual conference will take place on June 16th 2017 in Hilton Prague. Learn more at

AIDS prevention: The AIDS epidemic is growing among gay community in the Czech Republic. National authorities have adopted rather restrictive than preventive approach, therefore it is a time for LGBT organizations to step up. AIDS prevention among the Czech gay community is a long term priority. We have joined other interest groups in organizing education and awareness events. Such as annual AIDS walk and run. Learn more at

Knowledge Exchange and Hub: our resource and tool-kit for building capacity for LGBT nonprofits from the post-communist countries. Prague Pride is a beacon of hope for many LGBT agencies in the post-communist world. We help to empower and build capacity within organizations through skill development that work to foster the capacity, knowledge and expertise that the independent need to influence and change the hostile environments for LGBT people in their countries.

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