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J-FLAG operates under four broad objectives to ensure that an individual’s sexual orientation and/or gender identity are not used to discriminate against them. We work to increase public tolerance and understanding among the general population, create a foundation for legal reform and increase the reach and sustainability of J-FLAG into the future.

To achieve the organization’s objectives of promoting respect for and tolerance of LGBTI people, J-FLAG undertakes the following activities:

The practical work of increasing acceptance and safety for LGBTI Jamaicans includes research on issues facing the community to inform public discussion and legal change. To support these changes J-FLAG trains people to advocate for their rights with the public and policymakers.

J-FLAG collaborates with other human rights organizations to raise awareness of the needs of the LGBTI community. We address these needs in our policymaker education forums and ongoing advocacy efforts.

Most critically, J-FLAG offers emergency interventions for LGBTI people who fall victim to violence and other acts of discrimination.

LGBTI Jamaicans have the support of 17% of the population. Through our work we hope to continually increase that number as we empower the community to engage the public and influence policy in favor of essential rights and protections.

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