ADDED ON: 02/09/2023

Mozambique: LGBT Rights Activists Demand Equal Access To Health Services

02/08/2023 | Front Page Africa

Both activists say LGBT people in Mozambique, as in many African countries, face more barriers than the rest of the population when accessing health services due to stigma and discrimination. “Instead of the nurse worrying about diagnosing the illness that brought me to the hospital, he asked questions about my sexual orientation”, Campos recalled of a visit to a health center in Maputo in 2011. “Let’s assume that I went to a health center to take an HIV test and, having been treated in a hostile way, when I test positive, will I return to start the treatment? Of course not”. Evaristo, a gay man who works for LAMBDA, the biggest LGBT organization in the country, said a doctor refused to see him at a health center in Pemba in 2014  because the doctor “doesn’t look after men who have sex with men”. “I started laughing because I was incredulous. We see people not returning to hospitals because of this”, he explained. Although Mozambique decriminalized homosexuality in 2015, social hostilities still plague gender and sexual minorities.


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