Overturning of sodomy laws a win for human rights in Namibia

The Namibian high court recently invalidated the country’s colonial-era “sodomy law”, which had made consensual sexual acts between men a criminal offence. The court declared that the common law offences of “sodomy” and “unnatural sexual offences” were unconstitutional. This ruling follows a separate decision in 2023 where Namibia’s supreme court ruled to recognise certain same-sex unions contracted outside the country. […]

Reports falsely claim Nigeria’s approval of Samoa deal legalises same-sex relationships

“LGBT: Knocks As Nigeria Signs $150 Billion Samoa Deal,” reads the headline of the Daily Trust article published on July 4, 2024. The newspaper is Nigeria’s most influential daily in the Muslim-dominated conservative north. The newspaper reported that Africa’s most populous country had signed a “$150 billion” accord with the EU containing clauses that “compel underdeveloped and […]

Kazakhstan Should Reject Attempt to Curtail LGBT People’s Rights

In June, Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Culture and Information said it was reviewing a petition, “We Are against Open and Hidden LGBT Propaganda in Kazakhstan!” initiated by the head of Kazakhstan’s Union of Parents, a public association, after the petition met threshold requirements to be considered by the government. The government of Kazakhstan should reject this discriminatory and […]

7 states sue to block new Biden transgender nondiscrimination rule

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey (R) and six other states are suing to prevent the implementation of a federal rule that expands nondiscrimination rules to include transgender people. This lawsuit comes on the heels of a federal judge issuing a preliminary injunction last week against the rule in a separate federal case. “Joe Biden is once again exceeding his legal authority to force […]

Queer rights are in danger in Canada. Pierre Poilievre owns some of the blame

For years, Ipsos has been asking individuals around the world for their opinions on Queer people. And for years, the pollster has found, those opinions have steadily improved. People had been growing more and more supportive of the LGBTQ community with each passing year, especially in Canada. In 2011, more than six-in-ten Canadians said people […]

House Urges FG to Suspend Samoa Agreement, Seeks Probe of Contentious Clauses

The House of Representatives has called on the Federal Government to suspend the implementation of the Samoa Agreement. A national daily had reported that there were clauses that mandate lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights in the $150 billion Samoa Agreement signed by the Nigerian government on 28 June. Based on the story, the […]

Biden threatens to veto House disapproval of Title IX transgender rule

President Joe Biden has issued yet another veto threat against the GOP-controlled House, this time over his controversial Title IX rewrite. The House could vote as soon as Tuesday on H.J. Res. 165, a congressional disapproval of a new Department of Education rule prohibiting discrimination of sex in education programs or activities that receive federal […]

Frustrated by Japan’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban, LGBTQ Couples Opt for ‘Photo Weddings’

Unable to get married legally in Japan, LGBTQ couples are celebrating their special bond by donning traditional kimonos and fashionable formal wear for elaborate “photo weddings”. But these carefully choreographed images are often kept hidden in this conservative society where many LGBTQ people say they face prejudice and stigma, even from their own families. Reuters […]

Bridget Phillipson and Anneliese Dodds named as ministers for women and equalities

Bridget Phillipson is the new minister for women and equalities, while Anneliese Dodds has been named a minister for women and equalities in the Department for Education. Education secretary Bridget Phillipson was named as minister for women and equalities on Monday (8 July), even though Dodds was the shadow secretary when the party was in […]

Does The New Criminal Code (BNS) Protect Men And Trans Persons From Sexual Violence?

Institutional understanding of sexual violence is often informed by patriarchy and misogyny. Courts, police and lawmakers are all prone to this bias. The institutionalisation of such patriarchal notions about sexual violence and victimhood not only greatly harms women who face sexual violence, but renders invisible other victims. Sexual violence, undoubtedly, disproportionately affects women. An overwhelming […]

New York Pledges $5.4 Million Investment in LGBTQ+ Community Initiatives

Governor Kathy Hochul today announced a significant $5.4 million investment aimed at supporting the LGBTQ+ community in New York. This includes a $4.4 million allocation to the Harlem SGL•LGBTQ Center for developing safe and culturally affirming programs, particularly for LGBTQ+ people of color. An additional $1 million will be directed towards workforce development programs for […]

Website tracks legal rights for trans people in Middle East and North Africa

The Cairo 52 Legal Research Institute has unveiled the MENA Trans Archive, a new, free online archive focused on legal and sharia-law information for trans people living in the Middle East and North Africa. The MENA Trans Archive is designed to empower and inform not only activists and researchers but also policymakers and the general public. It […]

Trans teen who protested at NHS England HQ sends powerful message to new PM Keir Starmer

A group of transgender teenagers begun occupying a ledge at Wellington House in central London on 28 June, urging political pundits to stop discriminating against trans youth. Several banners, including ones that read, “We are not pawns for your politics” and “trans kids deserve better” remain stuck to the entrance of the building. Ahead of […]

LGBTQ storm in $150bn Samoa deal teacup

In the last two days, my social media feed has been suffused with impassioned expressions of grief and outrage from Nigerians over a putative June 28 agreement that the Nigerian government has signed with the European Union to legalize LGBTQ+ rights in the country in exchange for a $150 economic package. It turned out that […]

Tens of thousands fill Madrid with colour for gay pride parade

Tens of thousand of people marched and danced on Saturday along the main streets of Madrid, filling the Spanish capital city with coloured flags for the main LGBTI pride parade in the country. “This is wonderful, I think this is the only place where people are truly free,” Maria Alvarez, 43, told Reuters. Through the […]

Who are the LGBTQ+ allies in Keir Starmer’s new cabinet?

Keir Starmer appointed his cabinet following a landslide Labour victory in Thursday’s (4 July) general election that saw the party sweep back into power of the first time in 14 years. Shortly after speaking to the nation outside Number 10 Downing street in his first address as prime minister Friday (5 July), the Labour leader […]

Tallahassee students keep the spirit of Stonewall alive

On June 30, two days after the 55th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, students and community members gathered at Tallahassee Students for a Democratic Society’s annual pride talent show, one of the longest-running non-corporate pride events in the city. SDS organized the talent show to celebrate the historic victories that queer people have won through […]

Push toward anti-‘gay propaganda’ laws in two former Soviet republics

Two former Soviet republics are considering Russian-style anti-LGBTQ laws. Neither the nation of Georgia nor that of Kazakhstan is considering criminalizing same-sex intimacy, but both are dealing with proposals for laws against so-called “gay propaganda”, which is a homophobic label for any public comment endorsing or tolerating homosexuality. In Kazakhstan, a petition against “LGBT propaganda” […]

Here’s What the Election of the U.K.’s New PM Means for LGBTQ+ Rights

The United Kingdom’s Labour Party won a landslide victory in Thursday’s general election, propelling party leader Keir Starmer to the office of Prime Minister and establishing a majority Labour government for the first time in 19 years. But despite general support for LGBTQ+ rights, Starmer’s recent comments about transgender issues raise serious questions about what […]

LGBT Rights Under Pressure in Bukele’s El Salvador

Hand in hand, Andrea and Fiorella attend an improvised mass in the garage of a house in San Salvador. There they say they don’t fear being discriminated against by a society that increasingly closes spaces for sexual diversity. Before a crucifix hanging on a column under a row of multicolored flags, about 15 members of […]

Controversy greets Nigeria’s $150 billion Samoa deal with alleged clause to promote LGBTQ

The federal government’s decision to sign a $150 billion Samoa Deal has been met with controversies over claim of LGBTQ clause. According to reports, the agreement reportedly includes clauses that require underdeveloped and developing nations to support LGBTQ rights as a condition for receiving financial and other forms of support from advanced countries. Named after the […]

US judge blocks Biden rule adding gender identity protections to healthcare

A U.S. judge on Wednesday blocked the Biden administration from enforcing a new rule against discrimination on the basis of gender identity in healthcare while he hears a lawsuit challenging it by 15 Republican-led states. The rule was finalized in May, opens new tab by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and was […]

How Ghana’s anti-gay bill impacts the LGBTQ+ community

Mohammed is 27 years old and gay. However, he has yet to come out about his sexuality. Like many other LGBTQ+ Ghanaians, he fears going public. That’s because Ghana’s lawmakers passed a bill in February that gives a jail term of up to 3 years to anyone convicted of identifying as LGBTQ+, among other things. Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo is […]

Bosnian Serb Entity Strikes ‘Gender Identity’ From Draft Criminal Code

The government of the majority-Serb entity that makes up half of Bosnia-Herzegovina has deleted the term “gender identity” in draft amendments to the region’s Criminal Code, indicating a hardening stance on LGBT causes and a further digression from central government authority in the post-Yugoslav state. Officials announced the change following a government session in Banja […]

In just a few years, half of all states passed bans on trans health care for kids

Transgender people under 18 face laws that bar them from accessing gender-affirming health care in 25 states — just a few years ago, not a single state had such a law. The Supreme Court has agreed to consider a case from Tennessee in its next term that challenges that state’s gender-affirming care ban for young people. “Pressure had […]

Latvia recognizes same-sex partnerships

RIGA — Latvia will allow heterosexual and same-sex couples to register their partnerships under a law that took effect Monday, a move welcomed by LGBTQ campaigners. The law grants registered partners equal rights in managing their households, offers tax and social security benefits, and allows for emergency hospital visits. It is the first time same-sex couples […]