ADDED ON: 12/23/2022

LGBT campaigners hail new gender recognition law as MSPs vote for change

12/22/2022 | Guardian Series

The Gender Recognition Reform Bill was voted through the Scottish Parliament on Thursday afternoon after lengthy and often heated debate. Holyrood spent much of Tuesday and Wednesday debating amendments to the Bill late into the night. Scottish Trans, part of the Equality Network charity, said the new law will improve the lives of trans people. Vic Valentine, manager of Scottish Trans, said: “Trans people across Scotland today will be feeling pleased and relieved that this Bill has passed, after many years of difficult public debate that has often felt like people are talking about us, and not to us. “The law that has passed today will mean that at important moments in their lives, like when starting a job or giving notice to be married, trans men and women will be able to show a birth certificate that reflects who they are.


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