ADDED ON: 03/27/2023

Lesbian Project’s first meeting met with joyful pro-trans protest: ‘We are one community’

03/26/2023 | Pink News

Members of The Dyke Project partied to protest the inaugural event of the The Lesbian Project – a trans-exclusionary initiative created by Julie Bindel and Kathleen Stock. The Lesbian Project was launched in early March by the pair, both prominent “gender critical” campaigners, fuelled by claims lesbians are being erased. Stock told the BBC’s Woman’s Hour: “We’re interested in same-sex attracted females, exclusively same-sex attracted females.” The group held its first event on Saturday (25 March), which was met with a protest by The Dyke Project. Formed in direct response to the Lesbian Project, the trans-inclusive group announced itself with a tweet reading: “Some want to sow hate and divide us by saying lesbians are being erased and need protection – so not true!”


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