ADDED ON: 03/19/2023

Italy’s gay opposition leader blasts bureaucratic crackdown on rights of LGBTQ parents as ideological, cruel and discriminatory as thousands protest in Milan

3/18/2023 | Daily Mail

The head of Italy’s opposition party blasted a bureaucratic crackdown on LGBTQ families as ‘ideological’, ‘cruel’ and ‘discriminatory’. The Interior Ministry this week forced Milan to limit parental rights to the biological parent of children registered by same-sex couples in the city. Democratic Party leader Elly Schlein, who in 2020 revealed she was in a relationship with another woman, vowed on Saturday to push through legislation to better recognize and protect their rights. She joined thousands of people at a demonstration in Milan to protest a move by the far-right-led Italian government to restrict the rights of parents in same-sex relationships.


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