French Guiana: “500 euros, the price of my life!”.


The 76crimes editorial staff is looking back at a homophobic attack suffered almost a year ago by our colleague, Moïse Manoël-Florisse, in Saint-Laurent du Maroni, French Guiana, on the evening of 6 April 2021. A young delinquent who had been harassing Moïse for several weeks chased him in the middle of the street, with a knife in his hand, with the intention of “planting” him, to use the words of the assailant. Interview with Moïse Manoël-Florisse, conducted by activist/ journalist / professor Bruno Agar. Agar: What happened after the attack? Manoël-Florisse: Following my attack and due to the very difficult living conditions, I decided to return to France. The neighborhood where I lived lacked many essential public services: no public lighting and no garbage collection, among others. This is unfortunately very common in French Guiana. In the course of July 2021, several months after my attack, the gendarmerie contacted me, even though I was already established in the Val de Marne, to inform me of the arrest and the placement in custody of the young thug who attacked me. I didn’t even expect it anymore, to tell the truth. I thought that this case would not have had any favorable follow-up and that it would have been lost in the limbo of the administrative meanderings of the understaffed local gendarmerie. I experienced this phone call as a first shock, while I was still under the trauma of the last months.


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