Activist reporter tells why he promotes LGBTI rights in the French Caribbean.


More than 12 million people live in the Francophone Caribbean, from the independent nation of Haiti to the French territories of Guadeloupe, Martinique, St. Martin, St. Barthélemy, and French Guiana. LGBTI people across the region have unique struggles that Erasing 76 Crimes reporter Moïse MANOËL-FLORISSE, an Afro-Caribbean native of Guadaloupe, has involved himself in for many years. Haitian journalist Medya Moun interviewed him about the struggles of the LGBTI community in the Francophone Caribbean. You have been an activist for LGBTI rights for some time. Can you share with us your motivations? “For me, LGBTI activism is a collective extension of the individual struggle I had to go through myself to overcome injustices related to my sexual orientation.”

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