A much-needed holistic approach to HIV and AIDS in Latin America and the Caribbean is being held back by stigma and insufficient resources


“I was diagnosed with HIV six years ago and it was a very tough time for me emotionally. It was very challenging, and I spent about a year and a half with serious depression, going through very difficult moments emotionally,” says Juan de La Mar, a Colombian filmmaker and director of the documentary De Gris A POSITHIVO (From Grey to POSTIHIVE), a work in which he captures his own experience with HIV, using art as therapy and a tool to challenge and unravel deep-rooted stereotypes. “I felt I was in limbo, that I was too afraid of dying, that I wasn’t doing much, that I was stagnating, and I wasn’t able to shake off this sense of fear, guilt and unease. Then, because I had seen how art had changed other people’s lives, I wanted to do the same for myself,” he recalls.

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