Zuma under fire for remarks about ‘anti-democratic’ same-sex laws


Gender rights groups have warned politicians not to exploit the rights of minority groups for “cheap political gain”. This follows comments made by former president Jacob Zuma regarding same-sex marriages at a rally of the uMkhonto weSizwe Party in Pietermaritzburg earlier this month. The Sunday Times reported that Zuma had told the MK Party gathering that he had been approached by a traditional leader who raised concerns about same-sex laws. “When we say things are not right, we are not lying. In South African laws there is a democracy. Those people who enact the laws are in Parliament and they are not the majority. The majority is at home,” said Zuma, according to the Sunday Times. “That is why I was being called by the tribal authority. If we win as a party we would change the repressive laws which are anti-democratic. If this law was brought before the people, do you think it would have passed?”

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