ZimbabweanLivesMatter Hashtag Inspires Gays and Lesbians


The #ZimbabweanLivesMatter campaign on social media has inspired gays and lesbians to pick up the momentum and also call for their own rights to be respected in Zimbabwe. @KingBillius posted, “Seeing as homophobia is now in the #ZimbabweLivesMatter discourse, allow me to politely remind you once again that the queer community has been on the frontlines of the fight for human rights and free expression since the 90s.” @lasizwe also posted on twitter, “I wish for violation for human rights in Zimbabwe to stop and the rights of the LGBTQI+ to be treated equally, we are human.” But this ignited angry remarks from some homophobic social media users who criticised the gay community for allegedly trying to piggyback on the current human rights discourse that has gained global attention following state brutalities visited upon citizens protesting corruption and poor governance in Zimbabwe.

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