ADDED ON: 03/01/2023

Women behind the lens: ‘In the time I worked with Rhianna we counted 150 murders’

02/28/2023 | The Guardian

Rhianna is an Afro-Colombian who lives in one of the most violent places in Colombia: Quibdó. In the past four years this city has been ranked one of the worst for murders of young people. The armed conflict continues and is embedded in this place, where young people, with few opportunities for study or work, fall into the multiple gangs that operate here. However, many young people manage to resist this fate. Rhianna is part of a dance group called Black Boys Chocó. This group is a creative escape for more than 200 young people from the most difficult neighbourhoods, who have found in dance the way to show all their talent and to be recognised by that – breaking down the stigmas that society imposes on them because of where they live, or for Rhianna, a transgender woman, because of her sexual identity.


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