ADDED ON: 09/15/2022

Violence against LGBTQI+ people continues

09/15/2022 | Kathmandu Post

Last Saturday, Munni Kinnar was on her way back home to Dumari from Laxmipur with her friend, Chanda Raut, after visiting her ailing sister. What followed their visit to Laxmipur has scarred the two friends both physically and emotionally. “I am still trying to comprehend what happened to us,” said Munni, who sustained serious injuries from a thrashing she was subjected to by Laxmipur locals. Members of the LGBTIQ+ community, 43-year-old Munni and 47-year-old Chanda, residents of Kalyanpur Municipality in Siraha and Hansapur Municipality of Dhanusha respectively, say the locals of Laxmipur Chowk in Bishnupur Rural Municipality-5, Siraha physically abused the two on suspicions of stealing a newborn.


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