ADDED ON: 01/19/2019

Facing domestic threat in Hlaingthaya

01/17/2019 | Myanmar Times

“Our township is the most crowded, has the most crime and is the most concerning for city administrators,” bemoaned U Myo Nay Aung, administrator of No.1 ward, Hlaingthaya. As the natural consequences of rural-to-urban migration crowds the streets with people seeking jobs and working-poverty begins to grind those people into ghettoization and hopelessness, issues like domestic violence, endemic already, begin to worsen. Education is proven to be the most effective response to abuse. Action Aid Myanmar is currently operating in over 15 wards of Hlaingthaya towards this end. Safe space campaigns with edu-entertainment over 8 days as part of a project on weekends have been running for four weeks, beginning this year. It is a collaborative project between Action Aid and Kings N Queens, an LGBT advocacy group. Kings N Queens new tent in front of the ward administrative office attracts people’s attention.


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