Victorian MPs vote to allow trans and gender-diverse to change sex recorded on birth certificate


On Tuesday in Victoria, Australia, a new law was passed to allow trans and gender-diverse people to change their recorded sex on their birth cirtificates. Following much heated debate with reservations from independent members of parliament, the Victorian legislative council overwhelmingly voted in favour of the bill, 26 to 14. The centre-right Liberal Party opposed the legislation, with one MP claiming it would lead to women and girls being molested. Further, opposing groups cited the the potential negative impact this law would have on woman only spaces. Supporters of the bill denounced such rhetoric as desperate, nonsensical and ‘extremely hurtful’. MPs described the vote as the most intense campaigning in the state, garnering equal measure of attention in favour and against. Campaigners, now empowered by this success, are setting their sights on New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland.


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