ADDED ON: 03/30/2021

Uzbekistan police blame victim in violent attack on pro-LGBT activist

03/29/2021 | EurasiaNet

Police in Uzbekistan say they are investigating the savage beating of an activist who has been advocating for the decriminalization of same-sex relationships. It is not likely they will try very hard, however. The assault, which took place late at night on March 28, has left Miraziz Bazarov with a broken leg, a cranial fracture and several other serious injuries. While stating that they will investigate the incident, police are also blaming Bazarov for provoking the attack. Earlier in the day, an all-male crowd of many dozens of self-styled pious Muslims had paraded through the center of the capital, Tashkent, crying “Allah hu Akbar” in an aggressive show of force against what they allege is a wave of a pro-LGBT activism. A dozen people were detained over the march, but it is uncertain any of them will face charges.


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