ADDED ON: 08/20/2018

Ukraine: Police Called on to Guard Odessa Pride Marchers

08/18/2018 | TeleSUR

A small 100-people strong, mostly successful LGBT march, was held in the Ukraine under the watchful eyes of the police amid contrasting events elsewhere. Several anti-LGBT marchers carried out minor attacks on members of the group before the march. Two men who “committed hooligan actions in the city center,” by striking a passerby, were arrested. According to an Odessa Pride 2018 social media page, the event’s aim was to draw attention to the discrimination of LGBT people in Ukraine. According to rights groups, though homosexual sex is legal in Ukraine, since 1991, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people still face stigma, discrimination and sometimes violent attacks. The group marched from the Vorontsov Palace to the Odessa City Council, an Interfax-Ukraine correspondent reported. The march took place in the center of the city, the regional Police Department confirmed on Facebook.


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