Uganda Pushes Hateful Bill Targeting LGBTQ Citizens and Supporters


A Ugandan lawmaker has reintroduced an anti-LGBTQ bill that seeks harsher punishments for those who engage in same-sex relations and those who “promote” homosexuality or same-sex relations as “normal.” Asuman Basalirwa, a member of Parliament for the opposition political party Justice Forum, has introduced the draft law, claiming it’s necessary to protect Ugandan society by ensuring family stability and preventing children from being exposed to what he sees as “harmful” ideas about gender and sexuality. He even compared homosexuality as a “cancer” eating up the world as he urged his fellow lawmakers to back the proposed law, reports The Guardian. “In this country, or in this world, we talk about human rights,” Basalirwa said when introducing the bill. “But it is also true that there are human wrongs. I want to submit … that homosexuality is a human wrong that offends the laws of Uganda and threatens the sanctity of the family, the safety of our children and the continuation of humanity through reproduction.”

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