ADDED ON: 09/06/2020

Two years since Article 377 scrapped, LGBTQ community still battling prejudices

09/05/2020 | Deccan Herald

Rishabh Singh vividly remembers September 6, 2018, the day he says his life changed. Two years ago on this day, the Supreme Court had struck down the draconian Article 377 that criminalised gay sex. The same day Singh told his parents about his sexual orientation. “I think having that in the back of my mind that even the apex court of the country believes I am not a criminal gave me the confidence to come out of the closet and explain my sexual orientation to my parents,” he said. Two years on, Singh says he now considers that date as his second birthday when he was born again as an individual who was more free, confident and relaxed. Two years after Section 377: Judgement that said it with poetry and words from literature “It was the first step but I do think the time for the next step has come now. The inequality still blatantly exists in society’s mindset towards us whether it is in terms of inheritance laws or surrogacy laws – there is still a long, long road ahead of us,” Singh, the techie from Mumbai, said.


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