ADDED ON: 06/30/2022

Proud Boys Showed Up To A Pride Month Library Event But Were Met With A “Human Shield” Of LGBTQ Supporters

06/29/2022 | BuzzFeed News

Kathryn Vargas wasn’t sure whether she would take her kids to the Pride Month Family Storytime event on Saturday at a public library in McKinney, Texas, a suburb north of Dallas. The straight mom of three young boys, who lives in nearby Plano, wants to raise her children to be open-minded and accepting, but having seen similar Pride events become targets for confrontation around the country she had some reservations. There was already chatter of protesters showing up to this event, and with her firefighter husband at work, it would just be her with the kids. Still, she felt compelled. “We decided that sometimes being an ally is just showing up,” Vargas said. “And so we decided that we would still show up and that it was important.”


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