ADDED ON: 09/12/2022

Transphobia in Germany: The danger of anti-queer attacks

09/11/2022 | Deutsche Welle

Munster, Augsburg, Bremen: three German cities, three brutal attacks on queer people within the past three months. One of them ended in tragedy for Malte C.*, a transgender man who intervened to protect a group of lesbian women who were being harassed and insulted on the sidelines of the Christopher Street Days festival in Münster. The assailant hit him, Malte C. slammed down onto the asphalt, and suffered a severe and traumatic brain injury. He died from his injuries six days later, after being in a coma. The case provoked widespread dismay. The co-leader of Germany’s governing center-left Social Democrat party (SPD) Saskia Esken expressed her sympathy on Twitter: “The case is a brutal reminder that hate crimes against queer people continue. Every week. Every day.”


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