This group of gay Mexicans arrested in 1935 are inspiring people in 2019


The internet has sent a picture of LGBTI Mexicans, purportedly arrested for homosexuality in 1935, viral in the past few days. The photo belongs to the collection of the National Photo Library of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) in Mexico. We know very little about the detainees themselves, except these pictures are dated around 1940. This picture, as well as several others, come from Lecumberri prison in Mexico City. Up until 1976, gay men were imprisoned in the prison ward J, or Jota. Joto(s) is still a common homophobic slur in Mexico. Their only ‘crime’ was ‘scandalizing’ and ‘moral violations’. Like many countries still today, LGBTI people were punished for being themselves.

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