ADDED ON: 12/23/2022

These two women travelled to every country in the world but kept one thing secret

12/22/2022 | SBS News

Travel brought Rachel Davey and Martina Sebova together. Almost 15 years ago, the two women met on a 49-day overland tour of Europe. Rachel, from Victoria, was an on-road chef for a group of young Australians, and Martina, from Slovakia, was a tour guide. Both were hungry to see the world. “We both seek those kinds of jobs overseas where we could do what we loved, which was travel,” Rachel, 42, says. “Both Marty and I have worked in different areas of the travel industry, but that was the one where we met, and we did that for a long time.” Then they fell in love. The couple has always chosen to intersperse work with travel to see as much of the world as they could, and by 2016 they had visited 100 countries. “It wasn’t really planned; it just sort of happened, and we were super proud and excited,” Martina, 41, says. “We also thought that we could just settle down, 9 to 5, and live normal lives.”


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