ADDED ON: 07/16/2021

These 15 Historical Examples Of LGBTQ Culture Around The World You Might Not Have Known About

07/13/2021 | BuzzFeed

Nonbinary Vikings – Viking imagery in contemporary culture is heavily associated with stereotypes surrounding masculinity; long-haired, heavily muscled warriors are used to sell everything from beer to sports. While gender boundaries were rigidly policed, as in any raider society, these borders were more permeable than people today may think. “The Vikings were certainly familiar with what would today be called queer identities,” says Neil Price, a historian specializing in the Viking age, in an article for Time. At a Viking-age tomb in Sweden, a male-bodied person was unearthed buried in a Sámi settlement, according to Sámi rituals, but attired in a conventional Sámi man’s weapons and tools over a Nordic woman’s linen dress and female jewelry — signifying a crossing of cultural and gender norms that was accepted in their society.


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