ADDED ON: 08/16/2020

‘The Watermelon Woman’ and other lesbian movies you need to see

08/15/2020 | Film Daily

Looking for some choice lesbian movies to watch in the lazy, hazy days of quarantine summer 2020? Well, good news is that there are plenty of choice lesbian movies to check out there. These movies will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you swoon all over the place. From popular choices like Carol to little known gems like Watermelon Woman, there are so many picks out there to enjoy. What lesbian movies are the ones that you truly need to see? Which ones are the lesbians that you really and truly absolutely need to witness in order to understand perfection? Well, good news, we have five great lesbian movies picked out for when you need to have a great marathon in the future. The 90s were hard enough to be a black woman in the lead of a heterosexual movie, nevermind a movie about lesbians. The Watermelon Woman is an utterly transfixing movie to watch and should be mandatory viewing on all LGBTQ+ movie lists. Writer and director Cheryl Dune put in the research for this film, which is a hallmark of New Queer Cinema era.


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