The Top LGBTQ Stories of the Decade


The decade of the 2010s saw unprecedented steps forward for the LGBTQ community in the U.S., with the winning of the right to marry same-sex partners and serve openly in the military, the election of many out candidates at the local, state, and national levels, and a rise in visibility in the culture. Around the world, the news was a mixed bag. Several countries in Western Europe and South America enacted marriage equality, and Taiwan became the first nation in Asia to do so. But Russia stepped up its oppression of LGBTQ people, and many countries in Eastern Europe and Africa remained hostile. Herewith, a look at the top LGBTQ news stories of the decade.


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Added on: 07/14/2024
Firmin Mvonde Mambu, the Public Prosecutor of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), has ordered regional prosecutors to initiate proceedings “against the perpetrators of …
Added on: 07/14/2024
An LGBTI+ rights activist and member of the Workers’ Party of Turkey, TIP, Iris Mozalar, was arrested on Thursday over her social media posts …
Added on: 07/14/2024
Ugandan human rights advocates on Thursday filed an appeal in the Supreme Court against a ruling by a lower court that upheld a draconian …

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The U.S. Ambassador to Hungary hasn’t exactly been embraced by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s government. But now, it seems, things are getting petty. David …
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The number of nations with laws against gay sex has fallen to 64, continuing the slow, decades-long progress toward recognition of the human rights …
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