The Nation’s First Transgender State Senator Stands Out by Fitting In


Sarah McBride rises to speak on the Senate floor in the state capitol in Dover, Del. Late in the afternoon on this winter’s day, the Democratic legislator is sponsoring two resolutions. The first is in recognition of Holocaust Remembrance Day and passes unanimously among the 20 senators present. The second is in support of statehood for the District of Columbia, an unpopular position among the six-member Republican minority. When Sarah finishes making her case in support of statehood, the debate takes on a scholarly tone as the Federalist Papers are cited numerous times, on both sides of the aisle. The resolution ultimately passes, with only Democratic votes. Having clearly enjoyed the high-level back-and-forth as much as her victory, Sarah makes an immediate beeline to her Republican colleagues, and with a smile says, “Wasn’t that fun?”

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