ADDED ON: 06/17/2019

Teens on growing up LGBTI in Iran: ‘My boyfriend was killed’

06/17/2019 | Gay Star News

Teens have opened up about what it’s like to grow up LGBTI in Iran. Dozens of young people revealed they are ‘depressed’ and ‘frustrated’ by living in the Muslim-majority country. One even also said his boyfriend was killed by family members. The messages came after a tweet went viral among young people in Iran and the Middle East. ‘The depression and frustration that I see from the LGBT+ teens inside Iran on Twitter is terribly terrible,’ the tweet said in Arabic. ‘I was never so frustrated. Please respond with what hurts the most.’ One simply said: ‘Fear of a future you do not have.’ Another said their boyfriend was killed. ‘My family is harsh. My mother is relentless and had a bad feeling about my boyfriend. She informed my boyfriend’s parents and a week later his uncle had him killed. ‘I know my friends keep pushing me to marry the opposite sex. I really do not know what to do.’


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