Taiwan man behind Asia’s first gay marriage law urges others to fight


A leading Taiwanese gay activist on Thursday called on the LGBT+ community in other parts of Asia to take their battles to court after his successful legal fight paved the way for the region’s first same-sex marriage law. Chi Chia-wei, who was the first person to come out publicly as gay in 1986 on the self-ruled island, has mounted numerous legal challenges for gay unions in a three-decade fight. But his latest culminated in a landmark 2017 court ruling which declared same-sex couples had the right to marry, setting the stage for a law passed in Taiwan’s parliament last week. Chi called on gay couples to take similar legal action elsewhere in Asia where the push for same-sex marriage remains slow despite global advances in recent years. “Taiwan has taken a big step, other countries will not need another 30 years to get there,” the 60-year-old told the Thomson Reuters Foundation by phone from the capital Taipei.

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