ADDED ON: 11/26/2022

South Korea’s supreme court rules on legal transgender recognition

11/25/2022 | NPR

In a victory for LGBTQ rights, South Korea’s supreme court ruled that transgender people have the right to change their legal sex status, regardless of whether they have underage children. South Korea has been a democracy for more than three decades. Now, despite this, some minorities, including sexual minorities, are still battling for basic rights. From Seoul, NPR’s Anthony Kuhn reports on a small but important legal victory for the country’s transgender population. South Korea’s Supreme Court ruled Thursday that transgender people cannot be denied the right to have their legal sex status changed solely on the grounds that they have children who are minors. The ruling was in response to a 2019 case of a woman whose bid to change her legal gender status was denied by a family court and an appellate court because she had underage children.


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