ADDED ON: 05/18/2023

Slovakia on brink of blocking legal recognition for trans people

05/17/2023 | The Guardian

Slovakian MPs are under mounting international pressure to reject a bill that would see the country follow Hungary in effectively putting a stop to decades of legal gender recognition for transgender people. A vote is expected in parliament within days on a law proposed by conservative and far-right parties that would require someone to have the “correct” set of chromosomes to match their legal gender. Human rights NGO Amnesty International has joined the Council of Europe in appealing to Slovakian MPs not to back the bill, which they say is in conflict with the country’s obligations under the European convention on human rights. The change in Slovakia would follow a vote three years ago in Hungary that endorsed a new law defining gender as based on chromosomes at birth, meaning previous provisions whereby trans people could alter their gender and name on official documents is no longer available.


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