ADDED ON: 12/23/2018

Singapore government responds to court’s gay adoption decision

12/22/2018 | Out in Perth

Singapore’s Minister for Social & Family Development Desmond Lee has commented on a recent court decision in the island nation that allowed a gay man to adopt the child he fathered oversees through a surrogacy arrangement. Singapore outlaws homosexuality, and does not formally recognize surrogacy or rainbow families, but the court ruled that it was in the best interests of the child to be adopted by his biological parent. Minister Lee said the government would be reviewing the laws surrounding the case, but warned other couples contemplating starting families that they might find it more difficult to convince a court to make a similar decision. Lee said that while the court allowed the adoption it also acknowledged that the decision “violates the public policy against the formation of same-sex family units” and other same-sex couples or single gay parents may struggle to convince the court that they have not set out to deliberately violate the government’s policy.


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