ADDED ON: 01/22/2021

She Raved About LGBT Lifestyle. Now She’s Been Deported

01/21/2021 | Newser

(NEWSER) – For Kristen Gray, Bali proved to be a dream come true, and the 28-year-old American wanted to share that dream—specifically, how the island is tolerant toward the LGBT community and Black visitors like her, and how others should move there. The Indonesian government, however, didn’t exactly appreciate her amateur ambassadorship. The New York Times reports that immigration officials arrested Gray on Tuesday and deported her and her partner, Saundra Alexander, claiming Gray was “carrying out dangerous activities” and “spreading information that could unsettle the public.” The charges revolve around a recent Twitter thread in which Gray gushed about how cheap it was to live the high life in Bali, and how “queer friendly” the locals are. She’s also been pushing an e-book co-written with Alexander, entitled Our Bali Life Is Yours. The two ditched the high-cost US in January 2019; they originally planned to stay in Bali for six months, but the pandemic has kept them there.


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