ADDED ON: 04/11/2022

Scott Morrison Says He ‘Shares’ Anti-Trans Views Held By Women in His Party

04/11/2022 | Vice News

Scott Morrison has publicly confirmed his support for anti-transgender campaigns brought by Liberal politicians, for the second time this year. In a Monday press conference, Morrison said he “shared” the views of transphobic campaigners Katherine Deves and Claire Chandler, commending the “bravery” of the politicians who he said were “outspoken” on the issue. “I welcome Katherine’s selection, pleased to play a role in that. I think she’s raised very important issues. I think Claire Chandler’s also been outspoken and brave on these issues,” Morrison said. The “issues” in question are Deves and Chandler’s campaigns to legally allow sports organisations to block transgender women from competing in “single sex” sports.


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