ADDED ON: 02/20/2022

Saudi activist speaks on LGBTQ status in Kuwait

02/19/2022 | i24 News

Days after Kuwait’s constitutional court struck down a law that criminalizes “imitation of the opposite sex” – considered a breakthrough for the regional transgender community – journalist and international rights activist Wajeeh Lion spoke with i24NEWS about the implications such a move has on the LGBTQ community in the Arab world. “It might be a very small step in the right direction. Kuwait and the Arab Gulf have been violating the LGBTQ community’s rights for many years,” Lion said. The decriminalization is being widely touted as a breakthrough for a country where homosexual relations are still criminalized with up to seven years in prison. “We hope that these decriminalizations move to legalization and allow the transgender community to have a better life in Kuwait,” Lion continued.


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