ADDED ON: 09/03/2022

Russian lawmakers propose doubling fines for ‘gay propaganda’ law

09/01/2022 | Gay Times

Russian lawmakers have introduced a proposal that would increase fines for individuals that violate the country’s ‘gay propaganda’ law. Back in 2013, Vladimir Putin signed the archaic legislation into law – which bans the promotion of “non-traditional” sexual orientations to minors. Since its introduction, the law has been used to censor media with LGBTQ+ themes, cancel Pride marches and increase hostility towards the country’s queer community. Now, country officials are trying to tighten the already restrictive legislation by doubling the outlandish fine for those who violate the law. According to a report from Reuters, lawmakers have proposed that entities promoting LGBTQ+ themes be fined two million rubles – which is the equivalent to over £28,000.


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