Rethinking Africa’s Stance on Human Rights and Sexual Orientation


The narrative is gradually shifting among African leaders, prompting them to re-evaluate their positions on human rights, particularly concerning sexual orientation. Basically, the cultural argument has been a cornerstone for those advocating against LGBTQ rights. They claim that homosexuality is alien to African traditions and could lead to moral decay. Some even go as far as to suggest that displeasing the gods of the land with such practices could bring unprecedented plagues upon the continent. However, a glaring contradiction emerges when we consider Africa’s relationship with international institutions. Many African nations rely on financial aid from bodies like the World Bank, IMF, and various governments. These entities champion the principles of human rights, equality, and respect for all. Ironically, while Africa often points fingers at the West for its challenges, it doesn’t hesitate to seek their assistance, despite its vast resources. The continent’s political systems, marred by corruption and underdevelopment, have left it in a state of impoverishment.

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