ADDED ON: 03/09/2020

Repression in Egypt: 92 LGBTIQ+ arrests last year

03/08/2020 | Rights Africa

Egyptian police continued to harass LGBTIQ+ people last year, entrapping some of them through dating apps and arresting dozens of others at random on the street. That persecution keeps happening even though, in the vast majority of cases, defendants are cleared in court. The Legal Aid Project’s annual report for the Bedayaa LGBTIQ+ rights organization found that the most frequent anti-LGBTIQ+ police techniques last year were: 1) Entrapment through dating apps (13 cases). 2) Randomly arrests off the street (47 cases). 3) Hotels/houses arrests (8 cases) LGBTIQ+ Egyptians “are increasingly arrested randomly off the street—this accounts for 69 percent of cases,” the report stated.


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