ADDED ON: 03/06/2023

Publishing house for trans writers opens in India

03/05/2023 | Transgenderfeed

A transgender activist has founded a publishing house for trans writers in India. Earlier this month, transgender activist and writer Grace Banu founded Queer Publishing House exclusively for LGBTQ+ writers. Banu, who wanted to publish her book, Talks of Grace Banu, faced transphobia when she approached other publishers in 2017. In 2019, she decided to self-publish her book. With the experience she faced, she wanted trans writers and other members of the LGB to be able to publish their work with dignity. Queer authors have expressed how publishing houses make them feel unwelcome and that they could make changes at their whim. Banu has challenged cis-gendered-only spaces for a decade. The most recent being the Chennai book fair which denied queer writers to participate for over a century. This year, the event has granted a stall specifically for queer writers.


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