ADDED ON: 12/24/2021

Psychologists investigated for practising ‘conversion therapy’ in Costa Rica

12/21/2021 | Open Democracy

In response to an openDemocracy investigation into anti-gay ‘conversion therapy’ in Costa Rica, the country’s professional association of psychologists – the Colegio de Profesionales en Psicología de Costa Rica (CPPCR) – announced that they are investigating the practice of both therapists. Last month, openDemocracy revealed that two therapists in Costa Rica, linked to US Christian conservative groups, were conducting sessions in which they told LGBTQ people that homosexuality was “wrong” and that only a “sadistic God” would create a gay person. The president of the CPPCR, Ángelo Argüello, told a local media outlet: “A professional psychologist acting like this amounts to scamming the patient, and this is something we will not allow to happen.” CPPCR told openDemocracy that it was now in the process of gathering evidence of potential professional misconduct by the two therapists. The CPPCR has condemned ‘conversion therapy’ and its code of ethics states that mental healthcare should be based on “respect for human rights and human dignity”.


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