ADDED ON: 09/23/2022

Prove World Cup will be safe, England LGBTQ+ supporters’ group tells Qatar

09/22/2022 | The Guardian

The England national team’s largest LGBTQ+ supporters’ group has urged Qatar’s authorities to provide clear reassurances that it will be safe for gay fans to visit for the World Cup – and says it does not know of a single England LGBTQ+ fan who plans to attend the finals, because they feel “unsafe or uncertain”. The call from the Three Lions Pride group comes a day after the Football Association said it had sought, and received, reassurances that gay supporters who held hands and anyone who waved a rainbow flag would not be prosecuted. While welcoming the FA’s efforts, Three Lions Pride’s co-founder, Joe White, said that Qatar’s authorities needed to state publicly that gay fans would be completely protected “because ultimately they are the ones who can enforce or suspend laws”.


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