Prominent Haitian LGBTQ activist found dead


Human rights promoters and others are grieving the passing of a Haiti gay rights activist who was discovered dead inside his home in Port-au-Prince under suspicious conditions. Charlot Jeudy was discovered dead on Monday inside his home in the Caradeux neighbourhood of Haiti’s capital, his more seasoned sibling affirmed to the Miami Herald. Jeudy, 34, was the pioneer of the noticeable Haitian LGBT support bunch Kouraj, or Courage. Jeudy’s brother, who approached not to be recognised inspired by a paranoid fear of repercussions, said he and Jeudy were as one around 5 p.m. Sunday. After they separated, Jeudy got a telephone call and went to meet somebody close to the Champ de Mars, the sibling said. On Monday morning, a nephew called him and said Jeudy was still in bed and would not wake up.

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