ADDED ON: 10/07/2019

Poland’s election features a confident right-wing ruling party despite abortion, LGBT debates

10/06/2019 | CBC

Poles will cast their ballots in the national parliamentary election next Sunday, and the world is watching to see if they will deliver another decisive victory for the populist, right-wing Law and Justice Party. Law and Justice formed Poland’s first outright majority government in 2015 since the fall of communism. In the ensuing years, Poland has been seen to be following in the political footsteps of fellow-EU member state Hungary, in a turn toward conservative policies, control of the media and breaking down some of the country’s checks and balances on power. Party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski said as far back as 2011 that he idolized Hungary’s trajectory and hoped that one day Warsaw would be just like Budapest. And despite growing international concern, polls have indicated Law and Justice is likely to control the government for another term. In European elections earlier this year Law and Justice secured more than 45 per cent of the Polish vote, making them confident for the election ahead.


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