ADDED ON: 03/19/2023

Petition for progressive sex education in Ukraine

3/18/2023 | CNE News

Members of the LGBT community in Ukraine have gathered signatures for a petition to introduce mandatory sex education in Ukrainian schools. It gathered thousands of votes. The petition demands an introduction “of a mandatory sex education course based on the culture of consent in primary education, secondary school, as well as in higher and vocational educational institutions”, Rodyna, a Ukrainian family organisation, writes. Last week, the initiative gained 25,000 signatures. That means that the Ukrainian Parliament has to consider it. The organisation Gender in Detail is behind the petition. According to Rodyna, that is concerning because the organisation is “a well-known mouthpiece for the promotion of LGBT ideology and feminism in Ukraine.” Thus, even though the wording of the petition mainly contains general phases, Rodyna worries about the content of the sexual education the initiator of the petition has in mind.


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