ADDED ON: 09/21/2022

‘People should be who they are’: Kenyans embrace genderless fashion

09/20/2022 | The Guardian

A growing number of Kenyan labels are embracing genderless fashion, as a younger, more vocal generation calls for greater inclusivity and creativity in clothing designs. In July, fashion brand Vivo and Bold Network Africa released a vibrant gender-inclusive collection called Zoya X Bold. It is one of a new crop of collaborations showcasing androgynous fashion. Nairobi designer Jamie Bryan Kimani, who launched his brand Sevaria in 2018, exclusively creates genderfluid clothing. LGBTQ+ activist Chris “Makena Njeri” Muriithi, CEO of Bold Network Africa, which describes itself as a queer storytelling platform, says that fashion needs to be more inclusive. “For the longest time, I had to go to the men’s section to even buy a shirt,” says Muriithi, who is non-binary.


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