ADDED ON: 12/23/2020

People from LGBT community suffering from stress

12/22/2020 | Himalayan Times

Members of sexual minorities — LGBT community — have said they were facing more mental stress due to the crisis created by COVID-19. They spoke of the plight in a programme ‘Challenges and Next Step Related to the Impacts of COVID-19 on LGBT Community’ organised by Blue Diamond Society, Pokhara. On the occasion, Programme Manager of the Society, Suman Nepal, said the members of the community were compelled to face increasing mental problems while staying with their families who did not accept their identity as sexual minority during the lockdown. As per the survey carried out by the Society among members of the LGBT community on the impacts of the pandemic, 27.1 per cent said they suffered excessive stress, while 21.6 per cent said they became short-tempered and 13.4 said they suffered from depression.


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