Panel of Japan’s ruling LDP to seek early passage of law on LGBT understanding


A ruling party committee said Thursday that it will aim to enact a law to promote understanding of sexual minorities during the ongoing session of the Diet, set to end in June. A draft outline of the bill, presented at a meeting of the Liberal Democratic Party’s Special Mission Committee on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, requires the government to set a basic plan for promoting understanding of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people and to review its policies every three years. It also calls on companies and schools to promote understanding of LGBT people and ensure opportunities for consultations over issues they face. The bill does not set penalties for noncompliance, according to the draft outline. The committee sought to introduce a similar bill in 2016, but it met opposition within the LDP. The move to pass an LGBT law regained steam after Sapporo District Court ruled in March that it was unconstitutional for Japan not to recognize same-sex marriage. However, there is still adamant opposition to such a law within the LDP, mainly from conservative members seeking to protect traditional family values.

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